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Castaways was founded in September of 2008.   What we are is a group of close-knit members with common ideals and goals.  Members are chosen for a variety of reasons but we don't base our decision on quantity. Quality is first and foremost. In this manner we are able to be more selective about the people we invite to join. Those that cause guild drama or who lower the moral in the guild are gently removed and not invited back.

We are not specifically one type of guild; Raiding, Leveling, Questing, Socializing, Crafting, PvP, Achievements....  All of these activities within WoW is part of Castaways.  Each member within the guild has their own passion and focus, and you will find someone else here that shares your passion.

Everyone in Castaways should play this game to have a great time, achieve their goals, and work together as a guild. We're all in this together and the guild is nothing without strong, loyal members.

That being said, here's the other side of the coin.

-Loyalty, Friendliness: If you choose to join, this will be your guild. We will go out of our way to help you with whatever you need. Keep in mind that sometimes a little kindness will come back to you one day.  This however, is not a charity guild.  You will find people that will help you out, but in order for this to be a successful guild, everyone is expected to contribute to its overall progression and success.  All members (both present and future) will need to remain active. Levels are tracked and as the guild grows we reserve the right to adjust our level requirement to join accordingly. Inactive members will be removed from the guild after prior notice is given.
NOTE: We are now and always will be a committed and dedicated group. Very much a family. Castaways are dedicated to their own personal goals and characters as well as to their fellow guild members. We ask that all applicants and members keep this in mind and truly decide if it is the guild for your MAIN as well as your ALTS. We are very generous and caring, but we will not be a place just to be used for leveling and gearing. So, take your time and get to know us and yourself; and if Castaways is the right home for you then we are here waiting to welcome you HOME.

-Maturity. We have a great time in guild chat, grouping, etc.  We laugh, throw random comments and generally play around a lot. However, we do this with a certain amount of respect for those around us.  Please consider if your comments may be taken as offensive before hitting that enter key.

-Language: We have members that range from all ages and walks of life.  Please try to keep guild chat to PG-13.  Excessive cursing is not tolerated.  We do our best to provide an environment where all of our members can enjoy the game.

Here's what we offer:
-Friendly, helpful members who are active. We don't know everything of course but we do our best to get the answers.  A wide-range of gaming interest within the members of this Guild where you will no doubt find someone to party up with and have fun.  And speak up, don't hesitate to share what is fun for you and what you seek out of your gaming time - you might be surprised to find same-minded members.
-If you are within our level range we will try and group with you whenever possible.
-If you need gear and we happen to get it we will either:
   A) Give it to you.
   B) Sell for a reduced price.
   C) Do a trade so that both can get something they need.

Currently we are accepting new members.
There is a short "application" process.  If you think this might be a home for you, head to the forums and under the topic, "About Us", copy and paste the application post into a new topic with your toon name, level and class as the subject line.  Fill out the application and submit it for review.  Be prepared to run instances with us and/or have a little "getting to know you" chat. After that, if you are still interested in joining and there seems to be a mutual fit on both sides, we will extend an invitation where you will be at initiate rank for a short period while you get to know us and vice versa.  Take this time to ask questions, understand our rules and policies, and find more opportunities to run with your new guildmates.  We want to make sure that your goals match up with ours.

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